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A Masterclass in Acting: A Novel by Tatiana Maslany


Make me choose

elphabaswand asked: Sirius Black or Remus Lupin?


Fame is not part of my goal. How do you play a real person if your life is no longer real?

"Mainstream is nothing anymore. What is mainstream? Mainstream is whatever you’re interested in. Everybody can name five things they’re interested in. Being able to open doors for other creators to create projects that aren’t considered mainstream is really important to me."

Lestrange is the surname of an ancient pure-blood wizarding family, and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. They are related to the Black, Malfoy, Tonks, Lupin, and Rosier families.

I know people think that acting is not quite the occupation of grown-ups, but it is actually the ultimate learning process: You get a multitude of experiences, all for the price of one life.


Favorite People → Évelyne Brochu

“I like to be challenged, because I like to step out of my comfort zone, because I want to know what it’s like to see the world through other eyes.”

Another chapter in the book, can’t go back but you can look
And there we are on every page
Memories I’ll always save

order of the phoenix + chapters

'Hi, I'm Natalie Dormer'

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